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This post is not photography related, but extremely important and needs to be said. It comes from my heart and personal experience. Please help spread the word.

Food for thought:

You’re driving home. You’re already annoyed because someone screwed up your coffee order in the drive thru and the radio is playing pure rubbish. Great, now you come across a CheckStop (aww, muffin!). Ultra pissed because now it’ll take you an extra 5 minutes to get home and you’ve already missed the beginning of your favorite tv show (ever heard of a PVR?), you decide to tweet it’s location so others can avoid the same “inconvenience”.

Next morning you get a call informing you that one of your “Twitter buddies” was involved in a collision and there was a death. You also find out that collision happened because they were avoiding the CheckStop YOU tweeted.Do you really want something like that on your conscience, knowing you’re just as guilty as the drunk driver themselves?

Don’t be stupid. Do one good thing for someone this Christmas. Allow them to spend it safely with their families in the warmth and comfort of their homes and not in the soul crushing cold of a morgue.

Don’t tweet the CheckStops. Instead, report the drunks. Keep both, your family and mine safe this holiday season.